My name is Dave I am a music composer/pianist. I have also authored two instructional books on Piano currently being re-edited. I also have a brand new Cd out named Piano moods distributed and endorsed by Push/Play records in Milan Italy. This music is wonderful for people who enjoy listening to relaxing music and also music supervisors looking to put this melodic New age genre into their media. My biggest joy in life comes from composing music and spending time with my wife Marianthi and my three dogs Sadie and Skyler and Sammie. This website hosts my music, videos, tips for aspiring keyboardist, and stories about the various adventures I’ve had being a professional musician From SanFrancisco to Las Vegas over the years. If you’d like to be entertained & inspired, and you don’t mind the occasional ridiculous dog story (or picture, or video…or all of the above), you’re in the right place!

Popular Media Cues
Shorter compositions for commercial ads and such.


A Little Bluenote
Enjoy this well performed piece by Dave. If you are a jazz buff you will like this we are pretty sure.



New Cd Available NOW!!

Relax to Dave’s “Breathtaking ” Melodies and “Smart Compositions”.


Smooth,Melodic and Relaxing Piano.

Here a re few well established players in our industry.
Hey Dave, Great playing . I especially like the Ccomposition Champagne chat. Keep up the good work.Frank Martin. ( Keyboardist for Narada m. Walden ,Sting, etc)
Hi Dave, Great feel on those Jazz pieces . Keep up the great work..Celso Alberti
Dave has a Unique gift for Melody. As a lyricist I am always motivated to write to his music. As a publisher he is my go to composer for las minute shuffles and it’s always a relief to know I am going to get what I ask for .Rex Colwell

One of Dave’s Passions is collaborating with other Artist and showcasing their unique talent, Have a listen.

“There is no competition if what you are expressing is truly you.”

Dave @ Liberace Museum
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