The Musical Journey

“As a creative mind, I’m always challenging myself to try new and interesting things. With music, there is an endless array of sounds, textures, and techniques that can be combined in many different ways. This is the joy that I find as a composer: every day is a new adventure for growth and discovery.”  ~ Dave Haertel

new-pic-header-02-02Born in San Francisco David Louis Haertel “Dave” (born Feb. 24, 1959) is an American composer, and Performer best known for scoring beautiful melodies for local television and film Projects.

Dave started his career as most musicians performing in nightclubs and bars touring in the early 80’s, and performing top 40’s around the United States. Dave has studied at the conservatory in SF, with Frank Martin and Don Haas. As Dave’s skills developed so did his opportunities, he found himself recording at the Record Plant with Jim Gaines and performing with Bammie Nominee and winner Best indie album Chris loiter.. As his Career developed he started performing with well know musicians from Malo and Tower of Power. He began co writing with the great saxophonist Skip Mesquite of Tower of Power and has also written music for local TV Spots, SF Zoo, Jack in the Box, the Short ABC documentary “Woman and a dream”. As a performer he finally landed the position as keyboardist with Lydia Pense and Cold Blood performing around the country at Blues festivals and VH1 on the Road, all the while maintaining a nice student load back in the beautiful town of Half Moon Bay, California.

Moving to Las Vegas in 2001 Dave found himself performing with different projects on the strip, he performed as a house pianist for the Flamingo for the past 12 years, the Artisan Hotel and other various clubs and casinos, and finally Liberace museum during their closing year.

Dave is a New Age artist with respect to his own compositions, he co-writes with a great lyricist 5 time Grammy nominee and winner Ron Magness. He also co-writes with Nashvilles newest songwriter Rex Colwell covering Genres such as pop, Country Rock and Jazz. Dave currently has one song with the Kenny Rogers crew and two with the Discovery channel awaiting placement. Once again displaying his versatility Dave places a  Dance track for Charles Peachock which help move Charles all the way to the semifinals in 2011 America’s Got Talent. He continues to produce all his own tracks as well as helping others define their work. Dave has designed three different websites including his own, A multimedia mp3 download site as well as a music networking site to help other up and coming artist get their work heard. Dave is completely accountable for where he is in his Life and is always willing to help others that share these beliefs. His belief is, “Give away that which you want,  It’s all good.”