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One of my favorite fusion bands is “The YellowO Jackets ”  Russell Studying with Benny Goodman’s Pianist Don Haas as I did, and knowing Will Kennedy from My Frank Martin Days as Frank and Will shared Spaces in Berkley CA together, kinda puts a whole nostalgia thing together for me. Yellow Jackets Group are made up of music is amazing.  Four Players, four different parts and it all works.

 Here’s a perfect example of “Ya’ never know when someone will use that great track you wrote 200 yrs ago.” Composed by Dave the arrangement was created when Dave was studying With Bob Rozario,, After Dave completed laying down the added arrangement back in his home studio he returned to Bob with the recording. Bob said now “That’s a record”. Dave is still looking for a lyricist for this track and someone to sing, However recently a music supervisor from one of the bigger networks asked for a

tonyandrosie-1Jazz tune,not like “Wonderful World” something a little more out there that would add elegance and uniqueness to a background taking place in a upscale Hotel Lobby. Dave re arranged and Played the whole track on simply piano.


 “In the Pocket”

 I am a stickler for Naming your Genre define what you do, so I finally said “New Age” Had no idea Fusion is also considered “New Age Music”. My work is probably some of the simpler side of fusion, however check it out. “Dino’s Song” was a pleasure to compose and especially with such a talented drummer and a great Human being Donald Phillops Lays down a groove that makes any song sound good.     

Produced and recorded @ Ivory Keys Studios in Las VegasNevada, Dave steps a little outside to show some more versatility Written by Donald Phillops on Drums and Dave Haertel on everything else.

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